Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Market Share and Growth Factors Impact Analysis 2020 – 2027 | At a CAGR of 7.2%

The global autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) market size is expected to reach $26.9 billion in 2027 from $17.1 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2020 to 2027. Autoclaved aerated concrete is also known as autoclaved light-weight concrete, aircrete, foam concrete, autoclaved cellular concrete, or porous concrete and is a light-weight alternative for the construction of walls and other non-load bearing members. AAC is generally available as panels, blocks, and others, which can be used for wall cladding, flooring, roofing, partition walls, and others. This type of concrete mainly constitutes of around 80% air induced by the expansion agent to reduce the density and overall weight of the product.

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Market size assessments-

 The AUTOCLAVE AERATED CONCRETE Market report evaluates the growth potential, demographics, and aptness of the market during the study period. This factor gives on to the assessment of the market size and also offers a framework about how the market will continue its growth structure through the period.

The study on the market also lays emphasis on the current and forthcoming investment opportunities covering the segments. These minute details are specially crafted to help the stakeholders become perfectly aware of the contemporary investment scenario of the market.

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COVID-19 Impact Analysis on the global AUTOCLAVE AERATED CONCRETE Market

The outbreak of the pandemic has had a huge impact across the globe, which impeded the socio-economic development. Therefore, the AUTOCLAVE AERATED CONCRETE Market report doles out a micro- and macro-economic assessment of the industry throughout the pandemic. The study further provides a qualitative breakdown of the impact of Covid-19 on the market.

Moreover, the research work underpins the market extent based on the total impact of the pandemic on the industry along with shedding light on the post-covid scenario in the the subsequent years. Moreover, the report focuses on the major strategies incorporated by the key players all throughout the worldwide health crisis. Simultaneously, it presents an explicit framework on the impact of the pandemic on sales, the supply chain, and other main aspects of the market. Last but not the least; the report also depicts the impact on the market after the introduction of vaccinations by several government bodies to curb the spread of the virus.

Leading Players:

Aercon AAC,  AKG Gazbeton, Bauroc AS, Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), HIL Limited, CSR Ltd., Forterra plc, H+H International A/S, JK Laxmi Cement Ltd., and Xella International GmbH.

Market Segments:

    • Blocks
    • Others
    • Walls
    • Floors & roofs
    • Others

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