Higher Standard of Patent Ductus Arteriosus Surgery In India Leads To Improved Outcomes

Patent Ductus Arteriosus Surgery

Before a child is born, his blood waft is different than in older children and adults: most blood bypasses his lungs. An extra blood vessel known as the ductus arteriosus allows blood from right side to flow to the aorta, which is one of the largest arteries. In children with the congenital coronary heart disease patent ductus arteriosus, the ductus arteriosus doesn’t close. Sometimes the open passageway is wide and sometimes it’s narrow. A large PDA is risky due to the fact blood flow to the lungs isn’t always as managed because it should be, leading to issues with the lungs and heart. PDA is most common in premature children.

Who needs patent ductus arteriosus surgery?

Experts do not know precisely why PDA takes place. It’s more common in babies born prematurely. PDA can also arise together with other heart defects. If your baby has a bigger opening, she or he may have signs and symptoms. These are the most common signs of PDA:

  • Skin turns a blue color from not getting sufficient oxygen (cyanosis)
  • Very tired
  • Rapid or hard breathing
  • Trouble feeding, or tiredness while feeding
  • Infections
  • Bad weight gain
  • In older kids, trouble doing activities

Patent Ductus Arteriosus Surgery In India

How much does it cost to have a patent ductus arteriosus surgery in India?

Low cost patent ductus arteriosus surgery in India depends on few things. But, the total cost continues to be much reasonable and lower priced as compared to the western countries. The total PDA closure surgery cost in India might also rely on the quality of the closure device used, the type of method used for the surgical treatment, the length of hospital stay and the fee of additional examinations performed, amongst different factors. Low cost patent ductus arteriosus surgery in India is a much cheaper than any of the western countries. It’s far expected that a patient touring from a western country including US or the UK saves around 70 to 80% in their money by selecting the country over their home country for patent ductus arteriosus surgery in India.

Which are the best surgeons and top hospital for patent ductus arteriosus surgery?

The experience and popularity of the hospital and doctor is the most important factor that increases or lower patent ductus arteriosus device closure costs. Patent ductus arteriosus surgery in India owns a particularly good reputations and decades of experience are likely to demand a higher price. Patent ductus arteriosus surgery surgeons in India are highly-skilled but and very reputed. There are several globally authorized hospitals in India that behavior patent ductus arteriosus surgical procedure in India. Understanding the vital nature of the surgery, the cardiac surgery hospitals in India ensure that the surgery is only performed by a team of particularly experienced and skilled surgeons.

What is the survival rate for patent ductus arteriosus surgery?

Because of full-size strides in medicines and technology, today many kids with patent ductus arteriosus move on to lead productive lives as adults and the survival rate for patent ductus arteriosus surgery is almost 99% and once a PDA is closed, no long-term follow-up care is necessary unless there are other cardiac concerns.

How to get free consultation?

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