Technology trumps your well-being! Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Technology trumps your well-being

How important is emotional health? What are we doing daily to nurture our emotional health? We eat, sleep, and exercise for our body. What about a healthy mind? Are we doing anything for it? We are so consumed by our lifestyles that we forget to take care of ourselves. Our emotional health is as important as our physical wellbeing. Neglecting it will just make it worse. We distract ourselves from all the thoughts by depending on work, social media, and Netflix instead of facing them. We feed, rest, and recharge our bodies to rush the next day, but where’s the food for thought?

According to Sister Shivani, “Stress is the ratio of emotional pressure and inner resilience.” Every single one of us, when put through the same situation, will react differently. While a certain situation may stress you out, your colleague may not even give it a second thought. While a lot of this may be out of our control. The choice of how we react is completely ours. We need to work on our minds to be so strong that we can cope with any challenges we go through. Just like our body needs immunity and stamina to fight diseases and breakdowns, our mind needs soul spirit to overcome emotional breakdowns.

We often tend to blame the situation or people instead of focusing on our own thoughts. We need to control our emotions instead of our emotions taking charge over us. Meditation gives great results, it also helps you release all the stress and tension you’ve been holding onto. Happiness is natural and stress is a disease. Meditation helps you build stronger will power and coping powers. Meditation is a three-step process – building a positive attitude, imagining it, and feeling it. Simple affirmations will also help you be calm, composed, and positive. The path to finding happiness comes with a healthy and controlled mind. If the mind is out of control, the words that we speak will be out of control; which may hurt others or even yourself.

Just meditation is not enough, you need to engage all your senses and be positive about everything you do, eat, see, and hear. So make sure you feed your soul all the good and happy things. Detoxification of our minds is very important. Mind cleanse will guide you to find a better life balance. Right from the moment we wake up till the point we fall off to sleep, we are on our phones and scrolling and swiping, texting, reading, watching, or working. We need to disconnect once in a while and just let go of the devices.

Changes come hard, but cultivating a habit makes it easier to go through these changes. The changes we create for ourselves may inspire others to follow and make this world a better place. Let us start taking care of how we act while we do a certain thing. As breakfast is the first food of the day and it is the most important meal of the day. Little things like, for just 20 minutes, spend time with yourself and your inner being before you start your day. Give your mind affirmations and nurture it. After doing this, you can plan your day, read the news, or check your mail and messages. All these things from outside will now be secondary, all these things will not influence your natural thoughts. You will not be filled with thoughts of violence, pain, and terror of the world. You will be filled with compassion, respect, passion, and empathy. You need to choose what you read, watch, and listen. Do not let the media be your first food for the day.

We need to set a target for our emotional score. All we need is a change in our lifestyle. We need to have an emotional diet to achieve the target we set. Choose content full of compassion, choose love, choose respect, choose happiness, and choose peace. We need to find time to meditate, do yoga or Pranayam for 30 minutes. This will help find the innate power that’s within us.

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